The Vermont Sales Trade Show 2017

Feedback from the Vermont Sales Trade Show 2017

Vermont Sales once again delivered on all the promises! We made bold statements like “The Biggest Trade Show in Southern Africa” and YES, this was the most successful show in our history. Visitors who attended were blown away by the scale of the show, the interaction they could have with all our representatives, staff and directors, and the overseas suppliers representing their own brands.

Our best so far!

The 2017 Trade Show offered visitors more than any other show of it’s kind in South Africa. Demonstrations and detailed product information was readily available at every stand on this 3600 square meter exhibition space.

Highly skilled demonstrators wowed customers with detailed information on the applications of all products. A multitude of merchandising options and point of sale materials were shown. Vermont Sales can provide retailers with many ways of upgrading their stores with innovative product concepts.


Vermont Sales has decided to keep the exhibition open to customers who wish to showcase our products to their own customers. With prior booking of the exhibition hall, our resellers may invite their customers and sell direct from our “showroom”. Orders and payment will be processed on the spot and may be collected from our collection counter when leaving.

Vermont Sales encourages resellers to make use of this amazing opportunity to utilize a readily available facility that can host more than a 1000 visitors at once. Book in advance and invite your customers for a show they will never forget, while putting your own business on the map for great service and association with the #1 Supplier of Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories and much, much more.

Thank you!

We want to thank all those who took the time out of their busy schedules to visit the Trade Days to see the many new products, taking advantage of gaining product knowledge and the many specials that were available on the day.