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By developing selling skills, we are able to gain rapport and co-operation quickly and easily from our customers. This programme shows how



Stressing the importance of training; the tools of the salesperson; the ongoing aspects of sales training with repetition, and definitions of customer and salesperson.


Our communication skills programmes develop both verbal skills as well as non-verbal (body language) skills. Emphasis is placed on how to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Communication roadblocks are examined and solutions to prevent then are explored, including:

  • Inadequate vocabulary and language
  • Strong emotions
  • Distractions and noise
  • Verbosity and verbiage
  • Errors in perception
  • Wrong assumptions
  • Selective listening Prejudice
  • Talking instead of listening


What happens when salesperson and client come face to face? How to handle the initial greeting. How to set the client at ease, and to create a selling environment...


Are YOU delivering good service?

  • How would we know?
  • Grading of results and their meaning.
  • Commitment to quality and service pays.
  • Why we lose customers.
  • Body language and its effect on customer care.
  • Customer service defined.
  • Developing rapport with customers.
  • What is a customer
  • The golden rule of customer care.
  • What customers love.
  • What customers hate.
  • The P.R.I.D.E. formula.


This module explains that until customers can answer the question "what's in it for me?" they are not buyers. The delegates are taught that their product or service is full of features, and it is up to them to translate these features into customer benefits


Many salespeople are upset by objections. By understanding that objections are signposts of interest, that can lead us to a successful sale, their attitude to objections becomes more positive. They will learn how to listen to objections, how to uncover hidden objections, and how to answer objections. By answering objections, rather than arguing against them, they are then able to move into the sales close.


Closing is really the bottom line in selling, and it is this point that makes salespeople just mediocre or real winners. This module explores : What is a sales close? How to close? When to close? We then go on to practically work with tried and tested closing techniques. At the conclusion of this module delegates will have developed a willingness to close more sales, and have the competency necessary to deal with closing.

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Organiser NameShuwetha Makardood
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Dates2017-10-06 08:30:00 - 2017-10-06 16:00:00
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South Africa
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