• Introduction to Power Tools - DBN

Introduction to power tools (theory):

This training course is a foundation course for the rest of our training courses. Attending this course will broaden the knowledge of power tool sales people and end users. The course will be divided in sub categories:

  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Surface treatment (abrasives)
  • Profiling and planing
  • Air
  • Assembly

The training course will cover power tools used in the woodworking, metalworking, spray finishing and masonry applications.



Course overview:


  • What is a power tool?
  • DrillingGeneral power tool maintenance and safety
  • History
  • The specification plate
  • Power tool motor construction
  • The gearbox
  • The electric drill


  • The rotary drill
  • The percussion drill
  • The rotary hammer drill
  • The cordless drill


  • Cordless circular sawThe angle grinder
  • The cut-off machine
  • The wall chaser
  • The chainsaw
  • The circular saw
  • The bandsaw
  • The jigsaw
  • The reciprocating saw
  • The oscillating power tool
  • The scroll saw

Surface treatment

  • Abrasives
  • What is grit?
  • Electric sanderThe orbital sander
  • The random orbital sander
  • The geared eccentric sander
  • The belt sander
  • The disc sander
  • The renovation grinder
  • The polisher

Profiling and planning

  • The hand planer
  • The surface planer
  • Electric PlanerThe thickness planer
  • The router
  • The router table
  • The spindle moulder
  • The lathe

Air tools (powered by air)

  • The piston type air compressor
  • How does water enter the air system?
  • The importance of moisture elimination
  • The importance of the air compressor’s air intake
  • Spray finishing
  • The pipeline
  • The air impact wrench
Event TypeTraining Course
Organiser NameShuwetha Makardood
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Dates2017-04-19 08:30:00 - 2017-11-30 16:00:00
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Class/Event Length8 Hours
LocationGelmar Distribution Center 3, upstairs
20 Rustic Close
Durban North
South Africa
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Introduction to Power Tools - DBN

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