Visitor Indemnity Document


By selecting the “Agree with Indemnity” tick box on the event booking page, I, the entrant, hereby indemnify and safeguard against loss, Vermont Sales (Pty) Ltd and all its partners, employees, facilitators, tenants, assessors & instructors against all acts, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and/or expenses whatsoever which may be taken or made against, or be incurred, or become payable by it arising out of or in connection with any damage or injury caused or alleged to have been caused by or as a result of the training or demonstration provided. 

Booking for these events thus binds you as visitor in agreement with this document.

Any person, who fails to follow procedure, endangers others or their own Health & Safety or refuses a reasonable instruction would be instructed to leave the environment/ area/ lecture room or facility.

At Vermont Sales all visitors and contractors must ensure that they:

  1. Abide by all Occupational Health and Safety Rules, Regulations and Policies adopted by the Company.
  2. Do not interfere with any employee or work activity being carried out.
  3. Take care of their health and safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions.
  4. Carry out any lawful order given to them by the employer or any other authorised employee of the Company.
  5. Refrain from smoking on the premises and use dedicated smoking areas only.
  6. Report health and safety related incidents that they may be involved in to the employer or the Security as soon as possible.